at home with designer, 

rebecca zeijdel-paz

where do you draw inspiration for BECK? 

my husband and I travel a lot searching for inspiration, when you travel you become more sensitive to new aesthetics, colors, flavors and new perspectives. We love bringing together random elements from these expeditions to influence every aspect of our lives-our home, scents, music, art... evoking unique emotions and sentiments of that time and place. Thats what I try to emulate with BECK, to share those unique moments and experiences.

year-round tropical scents at the office with coqui coqui perfumeria in coco coco

year-round tropical scents at the office with coqui coqui perfumeria in coco coco

what influenced you to start your own line?

I have always gravitated toward the arts. I studied art in Florence hoping to be roused by the masters but it was my apprenticeship at Carolina Herrera New York that truly inspired me to start my own line. Going to work in the glamorous universe Mrs. Herrera built, allowed me to see that beyond the gorgeous garments her true success was being able to shine new light to the Venezuelan woman, breaking stereotypes and showcasing a sophisticated lifestyle not typically associated with her country. This has always been my dream for BECK, to depict a new image of my home island, Curaçao, and to introduce it artistically to the world. 

pietermaai, curaçao

pietermaai, curaçao

BECK is based in curaçao and new york. What does each location mean to you?

Life in Curaçao moves in a slow rhythmic way, it’s warm and intoxicatingly beautiful... Women in Curaçao have a strong sense of self, the architecture is incredibly special, it’s a smoldering melting pot of colors, flavors, cultures, religions and languages... only through jewelry can I truly capture Curaçao’s unique enchantment.

New York holds my heart, over the years it has become our home. Its always changing yet is somehow certain and reassuring. Designing in New York makes me feel like anything is possible... it pushes me to achieve my best work. 


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I love gemstones, my personal favorite is the rose quartz, it speaks to the heart chakra, evoking feelings of unconditional love for others but most importantly for our selves as well. When I design I’m mindful of the stone’s properties and truly hope that the wearer will be enlightened by its qualities.
at home, last rays of summer... 

at home, last rays of summer... 


what does your jewelry say about you?

I try to design uncomplicated pieces that easily make you feel special, I call it a ‘laid-back elegance.’ I love feeling comfortable yet beautiful, never too dressed up or too dressed down. I love it when all I need is an accessory and I immediately feel pretty, unique and interesting. Both my husband and I are Pisces and we tend to be day dreamers, I think my jewelry has a bit of that too... a ‘pursuit of magic’... I hope my client feels youthful, curious, an endless wanderer while wearing BECK. My jewelry shares my romanticized view of Caribbean-chic living with just the right touch of low-key luxe for everyday wear.

is there a piece of jewelry you wear every single day?

Two. My wedding band and our BECK Classic Chain, its demure with just enough shine, goes with anything, night or day.